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Coriolis Platform Website

I created the Coriolis Platform website in 2007. It is hosting the documentation for the UVMAT and CIV programs develloped with Joel Sommeria.

For this website, I modified the language behaviour of the SPIP rubrique loops, in order to have the following behaviour :
- if only one translation of the article exists (the original traduction), publish it whatever the language requested is.
- if a translation of the original traduction of an article exist, publish the requested translation.

This is obtained using the following loops, and the origine_traduction filter :

<BOUCLE_articles_rubrique(ARTICLES){branche}{par num titre} {!par date} {pagination}{origine_traduction}>

code to display the article...
for instance
<a href="#URL_SITE_SPIP/#URL_ARTICLE" [title="(#DESCRIPTIF|textebrut|entites_html)"]>[(#TITRE|supprimer_numero)]</a>


same code again...
<a href="#URL_SITE_SPIP/#URL_ARTICLE" [title="(#DESCRIPTIF|textebrut|entites_html)"]>[(#TITRE|supprimer_numero)]</a>


Louis Gostiaux

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