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NIOZ High Sampling rate Thermistors

In order to continue monitoring rapid ocean interior temperature variations, the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (Royal NIOZ) has constructed a new accurate temperature sensor that can sample at a rate of once per second during a period of 1.5 years.

The core of the NIOZ3 temperature sensor is the embedding of its thermistor in a Wien-oscillator. The result is a fairly accurate sensor, estimated better than 0.5 mK depending on the calibration. Its resolution is much higher, about 0.04 mK; its range is between [-10, 50]°C. The main progress of NIOZ3 over NIOZ2 and NIOZ1 are its much longer endurance of about 1.5 years instead of 15 days whilst sampling at a rate of 1 Hz. This progress is achieved together with a few novel changes in the set-up of the instrument.

I develloped a Matlab Toolbox for the calibration and data analysis of the sensors. This Toolbox is available as a Sourceforge repository, as well as a Python version of the code develloped by Andrea Cimatoribus.

For more information on the sensors, see : http://www.nioz-hst.com/.

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